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Cory Bergeron

                Kind of ironic that I am trying to write this blog and the music around me is blaring at a level just short of the pain threshold.  I am … → March 27, 2015

Ok, I’ve given a lot of sales advice lately, but I think its about time for just a great story. Before I stepped on camera, I was a worked behind the camera at one of the … → March 11, 2015

I recently spoke in a theater full of entrepreneurs, all present to learn the secrets of business success. I took the stage with several other experts who spoke on getting published, how to scale product offers, … → February 17, 2015

My wife cringes when you mention the 80s. Let’s face it, there is much to cringe over. Pinch-rolled pant bottoms, neon shirts from Chess King and Merry-Go-Round, Aqua Net and Mullets…I have to stop. I just … → February 9, 2015

The present is exciting and the future is crystal clear. Online product video is critical if you want to stay relevant and competitive. Every graph from the past 5 years and every projection for the next … → February 4, 2015

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