The Face of your Product

fb profile pictureAccording to recent studies, when people first meet you, 65% of their impression of you is based on how you look and 30% by how you talk. Only 5% relates to the content of what you say. If you are talking to people on the telephone, 70% of their impression of you will be based on the sound of your voice, and only 30% on the content of what you’re saying. So let me ask you: Who is the face and the voice of your product or business? I have been fortunate in my career. I seem to have a face and voice that people are willing to listen to. Some of that has to do with my own respect for language and refinement. However, I was also fortunate enough to be raised by articulate, deep thinking parents.
My father was a pastor, knew scripture and how to explain it. He was a technical thinker with a highly analytical mind. My mother was a clear communicator who challenged my father’s mind and sought understanding of tough concepts along with him. By natural course, I was molded into a youth with many of the same atrributes. I never had to try. They were grown into me like the nutrient a tree pulls from the soil. It has served me well. I have been able to get people to take me seriously when others are waved aside. I have been sought out for council by complete strangers because I come across as learned. Job interviews were always a slam dunk. I have sold hundreds of successful products on national television because I authentically am a person who is committed to providing value each time I show up and open my mouth. Appearance and good communication can do much of your heavy lifting in life if you respect them and apply yourself to refining them.
So, I ask you again: who is the face and voice of your product or business? The person your customer sees and hears could be the difference between sales success or marginal traction in the market. The person who knows the most is often not the right person to be in the public’s eye. I know CEOs who are wise enough to have others taking calls and interacting with clients for this very reason. If you are not yet ready to expand your business to that level, then take a long, hard look at yourself. Record a professional with a successful business pitching a similar product to yours, then go record yourself and watch the two videos in succession. It could be a real eye-opener for you as you realize the way others see you compared to a pro! If you have not yet applied yourself to polishing your communication and appearance in the public’s eye, it is high time! Remember, 95% of how people react to you, your product or service will not depend on the content of what you’re saying!

by: Cory Bergeron
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