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When I was a teenager, my family presented my grandmother with a new microwave. My dad positioned it in the room adjacent to her small kitchen and walked her through its buttons and features. He was … → December 3, 2014

I can still see my kids gathered around the table. The youngest is 1 and just starting to eat the same dinner as the rest of us. The oldest is 8. All 4 have the same … → November 10, 2014

phone bots

When I started editing video, I had to sit in a suite surrounded by humming decks, blinking cubic buttons and tapes as big as War and Peace. Before I could even attempt an edit, I had … → October 27, 2014

Everyone who sells something knows it. Every large company is investing more money into it than any other marketing initiative. The statistics are staggering…Internet Video, the future of all sales. Some day, it might be holographic … → October 14, 2014

According to recent studies, when people first meet you, 65% of their impression of you is based on how you look and 30% by how you talk. Only 5% relates to the content of what you … → October 13, 2014

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