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Mastering customer psychology and the buying decision.

Free product pitch guide. Uncover the hidden story in your product.
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As a keynote speaker, Cory Bergeron has spoken at many marketing and active lifestyle conferences and events.


From keynotes to hands-on workshops and seminars, Cory Bergeron collaborates with organizations to develop and refine their brand stories and marketing messages.

Cory Bergeron has written and published a book that shares the formula for maximizing sales and increasing business profits.


Discover how Cory Bergeron single-handedly sold more than 350 products and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for clients on national television.

Cory Bergeron as television host, pitching GoPro product on the Home Shopping Network.


Looking for an event host or on-camera talent? Cory Bergeron engages your audience, virtually or in-person, bringing your brand’s story to life.

About Me

If you have a Water Cannon nozzle connected to your garden hose or the adjustable Zip Wrench sitting in your kitchen drawer…if you cooled your home with a Delonghi portable A/C or brought family game night back to your house with the Nintendo Wii, Cory Bergeron is likely the guy who put those products there.

You see, Cory has sold those and hundreds of millions of dollars in other products on national television. For more than 10 years, he stood in front of the camera pitching products as one of the most successful spokespeople for the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Currently, Cory continues to partner with major brands as the face of their products. In fact, Cory has helped to craft the messaging and deliver the stories of another 200 products in the past 5 years alone.

Many credit that success to his natural charm and good looks. But, the truth is Cory mastered the art of telling the story for every product he sold.

He believes when you find the story hidden within your product and effectively tell it, your organization has a foundation to build on and you can profitably grow.

And, Cory has the numbers to prove it.

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