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Cory Bergeron

Cory had only hiked a few hundred miles before checking into a hotel, so he could figure out what to do.

Up to that moment, he’d dreamt of hiking the Appalachian Trail since his days at the blastosphere. Finally, that day had arrived.

Except there was a problem. Just hours before Cory left for this monumental trip, he’d met the woman of his dreams. (Okay. So, it wasn’t hours. But, hours sounds much more dramatic, so let’s go with it.)

As much as Cory anticipated the hiking adventure, covering more than 2,000 miles during just a few months, the impending adventure he left behind at home was even more exciting. So, he abandoned the bucket-list hike.

He didn’t hold a job at that time. But, he had experience as a deejay. And, that’s what won him an entry-level, control room position at Home Shopping Networking (HSN).

Cory had no choice but to make it work. So, he embraced his passion for storytelling. He spent a lot of his time studying what worked and what didn’t, until he had mastered the art of pitching while standing in front of the camera.

Discovery and Growth

Fast forward 10 years and several hundred products later. Cory can now pinpoint hundreds of millions of dollars in product sales from his spot in front of the camera. And, even more from behind the camera.

By all accounts, Cory retains one of the best sales records in the history of retail television. He’s done so representing popular brands, such as Apple, Beats, Delonghi, Disney, Dyson, GoPro, Hunter, JVC, Microsoft, Nintendo, Rustoleum, Samsung, ShopVac, Sony, and hundreds more. He’s also acclaimed as a product category expert in DIY, Electronics, Floor Care, Household Environments, Kitchen and Culinary, Lawn and Garden, and Toys and Gaming.

With such strong and successful product representation, Cory is considered as one of the most diverse and high-performing talents in retail television history.

Somewhere during all his professional discovery and growth, Cory penned a best-seller about his experiences. “Thousands Per Minute” is a book that delivers, delineates and discusses his formula for creating a pitch, emotionally appealing to your specific audience’s buying journey through the lens of the camera.

Cory then embarked on a transition from on-camera to on-stage, becoming an in-demand keynote speaker. He offers rare and learnable insights about his achievements, the psychology behind the buying decision, and the rapid evolution of brand marketing, digital marketing and video marketing.

Cory’s also the CEO and founder of Pitch Media, a high-volume video production and digital marketing partner to lifestyle brands and their in-house or outsourced marketers. Through the influence of video, Pitch Media sharpens the cutting edge of digital content creation driving brand awareness, lead generation and social media conversion, sales funnels, e-commerce platforms and marketing campaigns.

Pitchman on a Mission

It’s Cory’s personal mission to empower people, so they fearlessly push beyond the limits of what they believe they can do.

As the leader of Pitch Media, his personal mission carries over into elevating people’s thinking, so their self-limiting beliefs are shattered. He’s passionate about supporting healthy and active lifestyle brands through powerful video production and insightful digital marketing. What drives that is his deep seasoning in customer psychology and video creation, producing content that grabs viewers and inspires them to convert when it’s put in front of the right eyeballs, spurring massive product sales growth.

Ultimately, Cory, through your products, wants to excite people to live healthier, more adventurous lives.

Cory Bergeron supports and helps build and grow active lifestyle brands through video and digital marketing.
Cory Bergeron is from the New England area, and he now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

That's a Wrap

On a personal note, clam chowder, fluffernutters and apple pie are among Cory’s favorites as an original New Englander. Now, he lives just outside Glacier National Park in Montana, along with the woman of his dreams, Elizabeth. Together, they have four children. And, when he’s not speaking, pitching, running a growing marketing agency or spending time with his family, he skis, sails and scuba dives. He even still hikes. One day, he will finish exploring the Appalachian Trail.

Now, let Cory get to know you, your organization and your product. You have a story to tell.

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